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Erik Talkin

Writer and "Book Angel"

Erik Talkin is Executive Director of a Non-Profit Organization in Santa Barbara where lives with his wife Helen and three small critics: Ella, Felix and Lili. (Critics are always smaller than us... always!). He also moonlights as the "Book Angel", taking people's manuscripts from completion through to acceptance by agent or publisher. Contact him at:

Erik's newest book is The Master Detectives, Llewellyn 2006. He is the Writer/Director of Films, The Gallery (Helena Bonham Carter), and Hope Machine (Parker Posey). His plays include Party Hats (Kings Head, London), and Toyland (Bristol Express)

Articles by Erik Talkin

Vermont College's MFA in Children's Writing
September 28, 2006
(Erik Talkin) Inkbyte contributor Erik Talkin reports on the 'low-residency' Master of Fine Arts in Writing for Children and Young People at Vermont College. (complete article...)

Writing for Children
Or Adults Don't Understand Me November 7, 2005
(Erik Talkin) Imagine a readership opening your book, their minds like fresh snow, unmarked by decades of culture overload -- ready to hear your voice. Okay, the mind of average young reader isn't exactly untouched, thanks to the work of many fine corporations keen to imprint a lifetime need for overconsumption at an early age. However, more than any other readership, this is one that is unjaded and ready for whatever new world you throw in their direction. What writer doesn't want that? (complete article...)