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Josie Martin

Writer, School Psychologist, Journalist, and Mother

Josie Levy Martin was born in France shortly before World War II and came to the U.S. in 1947. Her memoir, Never Tell Your Name, tells the story of her survival of that cruel conflict. Her work has also appeared in The Larchmont Chronicle, The Los Angeles Times, Parent's Magazine, and The Jewish Journal.

Articles by Josie Martin

The Gift That Keeps on Giving March 22, 2010 (Josie E. Martin) Writing sometimes resembles putting a note into a bottle and throwing it into the sea: one never really knows who will be affected by our efforts or what changes those efforts will cause in the lives of people we touch with our words. Josie Martin's example makes us pause and wonder. (complete article...)

The Fire This Time May 25, 2009 (Josie Martin) [Josie's thoughts on writing and life with fire. -- Editor] We are sweeping away ashes on Mt. Calvary; much worse detritus flying through the air than last time in November when the "Tea Fire" came right next door to our house. This one is called the "Jesusitas Fire" because it started up the Canyon, perhaps a mile behind our famous S.B. Mission along a trail by that name. I should think "little Jesus" would be ashamed to show his face at the Mission for a while after wreaking such disaster. Thirty-Thousand people had to evacuate in a town of 97,000 ! Thankfully, only about 80 homes were destroyed, but many more were damaged,and the fact that the long hot dry summer lies ahead borders on the stuff of nightmares. (complete article...)

The Princess and the Mattress, the Journal, and Magic April 27, 2009 (Josie Martin) I do my best writing in bed, not because I am a princess with a magical pea under the mattress, but because it is the only place where interruptions are kept at bay. And sometimes, not often, a magic appears on the page of my journal which is also my favorite book to write. (complete article...)

Thumbnail Sketch December 1, 2008 (Josie Levy Martin) "There is no intelligence but in things...." --William Carlos Williams
I had no idea what Williams meant when I first read that phrase on the blackboard in my 9th grade journalism class, South Gate Junior High, 1953. But I remember the teacher, Mr. ------. His name was either Jones, Johnson, Green or White. Everyone had common American names in those days. He was a tall ganglionic kind of man, sort of twitchy and uncomfortable in his JC Penney's suit and white shirt, its limp collar ringed in weeks-old perspiration. And his desk, it was ringed with circles from the plaid thermos of coffee he always kept nearby. (complete article...)

An Out-in-the-world Tale About Never Tell Your Name September 21, 2008 (Josie Martin) Never Tell Your Name is Ms Martin's beautifully told memoir of childhood survival amidst the horrors of World War II. Here, Josie tells us a story of how far a writers' work can reach. (complete article...)

The Lobster Pity Pot September 1, 2006 (Josie Martin) Oh... some times are just like that. I was going to send my "How to Eat a Lobster" piece to Gourmet Magazine. I was hopeful because right after I finished writing it, I discovered they had a special supplement of short stories in their August issue. "The most exciting project we have ever worked on at Gourmet", according to Ruth Reichl, its editor. (complete article...)

Fear of Lying: Erica Jong Speaks July 12, 2006 (Josie Martin) Mostly I wanted to see how she looked -- pure feminine curiosity. She looks her age. There's no effort to hide it. She looks solid and present. She wore tight jeans and a gauze Indian top in a bit too brightly hued fuchsia, not particularly becoming and certainly not as elegant or glamorous as I'd anticipated. (complete article...)

Tender Ears: Writing from the Workshop of Holly Prado October 5, 2005 (Josie Martin) It is a Festschrift, an homage in that ancient German tradition to one of Los Angeles' great creative writing teachers. For more than 25 years, Holly Prado has held workshops in her living room birthing the voices of women onto the page, onto manuscripts and galleys, often into print. Yet publication is hardly what her workshop is all about. (complete article...)