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From the Editors of Ink Byte -- May 23, 2018

Web sites come and go, but here are a few you might want to look at. Know of a site that might interest other writers? Email us ( with the information and we'll give you credit.

Writers' Resources, Information... or Just Plain Interesting

Santa Barbara Writers Literary Society A blog featuring thoughtful, well written opinion pieces about writing, the writer's life, technology for writers, etc.

The Writers Service Shelly Lowenkopf and Anne Lowenkopf provide excellent services for writers. Shelly's saturday morning workshop at the Montecito Library has launched the careers of many writers in the south and central coasts. Also, Anne Lowenkopf's writing and novel reading classes through Santa Barbara's adult education are valuable resources. The writers service site includes a catalogue of lectures from Anne's novel reading course at the Schott Center.

In addition to The Writers Service, Shelly Lowenkopf has a blog at, described as "A Writer's Notes To Himself" in which the author holds forth of various topics related to writing and life.

Sage Trail A nicely done online poetry magazine. Besides the quality poetry journal, the Sage Trail people sponsor a great poetry reading on the second Saturday of each month with a special guest poet followed by an open mike.

Community of Voices Grace Rachow's site, chock-full of information about events of interest to writers in the Santa Barbara area.

Writers Welcome ... a professional editing & critique service. John Reed's site: "We will work with you to make sure your writing project is one you will be proud of, one that gets the notice you deserve."

Marcela Landres Marcela Landres offers editing, publishing, workshop and networking opportunities for Latino writers.

Portals Press calls itself "A Small Literary Press in New Orleans." It may be small, but publisher, John Travis, is meticulous and knowledgeable, and produces beautiful, high quality books. The Ink Byte editors have also been extremely impressed by his editing skills and how easy he is to work with. Highly recommended.

Michael Larsen -- Elizabeth Pomada Literary Agents Michael and Elizabeth are enthusiastic supporters of new writers, frequently found at writers conferences, and always willing to talk. They also sponsor conferences through The San Francisco Writers Conferences .

Southern California Review The USC's annual Southern California Anthology has morphed into the Southern California Review and is now published twice a year. Santa Barbara's Shelly Lowenkopf is the publication's Faculty Advisor.

Authors' Sites

Melinda Palacio is an accomplished writer and co-editor of Ink Byte Magazine. She has one of the more interesting writer's web sites around with lots of photographs, video, and podcasts as well as samples of her work.

Read more about Rachel S. Thurston's adventures on her website. Rachel is not only a writer but also a wonderful musician and world traveler.

Willard Thompson has established Rincon Publishing to print and promote books about his interest, Southern California history. The site is currently featuring Dream Helper a novel set in Santa Barbara during the Mission Period.

Catherine Ryan Hyde is a fine short story writer and novelist. Her novel Pay It Forward was made into a successful motion picture that left audiences tantalized by a demonstration of how powerful ideas can change the world for the better.

Lisa Lenard-Cook's site A nice example of a writer's site: simple, attractive, effective.

Wendy French Canadian author writes humoresque Women's fiction. Read her books, SMothering and Going Coastal, read all about her. Workshop Leader at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference.

Ernie's World Humor guy Ernie Witham shares his collection of humorous stories, based on his column Ernie's World which appears in the Montecito Journal and in his book Ernie's World.

Writers Conferences, Retreats, Etc.

Santa Barbara Writers Conference One of the country's great conferences for writers. It's a little less than a week long and held every year near the beach in Santa Barbara, California. The conference organizer is Marcia Meier. You can also get information by emailing to

The Arizona State University Writer's Conference Jewell Parker Rhodes, the Artistic Director, one of those rarest of people: an unsurpassed writer who can also teach and inspire at the world class level. Check the web site for other programs that ASU's Piper Center offers writers: shorter workshops, "writer's studio" programs and much more.

San Luis Writers' Conference The annual San Luis writers conference at Cuesta College is an intensive two-day workshop.

The Santa Barbara Summer Poetry Workshop, held every year.

Artist Communities Residencies and resources for writers and artists across the country and beyond.