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Ink Byte Software
Free, professionally developed software for writers:
InkByte Tracker to help you organize and manage the submission of your work to journals, publishers, agents, or any market.
InkByte for Word to tame Microsoft Word.

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Ink Byte Software

Ink Byte provides free, professionally written software to writers.

InkByte Tracker is a tool to help writers manage the submission of their work to publishers, agents, journals, or any other markets.

InkByte For Word is a custom MS Word Template to adapt the ubiquitous word processor to the creation of manuscripts for short stories, novels, memoirs, and similarly formatted works.


Tracker will help you stay in control of your efforts to sell or place your creative works with agents, journals, publisher or other markets. After minimal setup, only a few clicks will record a new submission, or update a submission with the latest event or action (for example, an acceptance or rejection).

Tracker provides information useful to the business of writing. For example, even if you have hundreds or thousands of submissions, Tracker will allow your to quickly learn,

You get the answers to these and other questions by looking at finished reports generated by Tracker from your database of submissions. Report files will reside locally on your computer and can be viewed or printed by any web browser.

Keeping track of this information can be time consuming if you do it by hand, but Tracker does most of the work. You get the benefits of being well organized with very little effort.

Be sure to read the Ink Byte Magazine article, Software to Manage Your Submissions: The Ink Byte Tracker for more information on installing and using the program.

Tracker for Apple Computers

Installation: After downloading the Apple install package, tracker-XX-YY.dmg, from the Ink Byte web site, double click on the file to open it in the Finder. Then drag the program, from the Finder window to the /Applications folder. Start the program as you would any other by opening the /Applications folder and double clicking on the Tracker icon.

Tracker for Computers with Microsoft Windows

Installation: After downloading the Windows install package wxTracker-XX-YY.exe, double click on the executable file to unpack the self-extracting archive. Before proceeding with the unpacking process, the program will allow you to specify a folder where the wxTracker-XX-YY folder will be placed; be sure to select a folder that you can find easily. Putting it directly into the C:\Program Files folder is a good choice, since that's the preferred place for software. To start Tracker, double-click on the file Tracker.exe found inside the wxTracker-XX-YY folder. Depending on how you have your personal copy of windows configured, you may or may not be able to see the '.exe' in the file name. You may want to create a shortcut to Tracker.exe on your desktop.



InkByte for Word

This software is actually a Microsoft Word document that can be used as a "template" when creating new manuscripts. It will be helpful for short story, novel, memoir, and other manuscripts that follow the same general format. (It is NOT intended for highly structured documents like technical manuals.)

The InkByte for Word template, the file, InkByteForWord.doc, contains a set of predefined Styles that bring consistency to the appearance of your manuscripts. It also features an "InkByte Toolbar" containing only the commonly required buttons. It's use is optional, but it can replace the several toolbars that might otherwise eat up screen space.

InkByte for Word allows you to easily use different formats for your manuscript depending on where you are in the creative process:

When you're printing out copies for your daily work, you might like the line spacing, margins, and font a little smaller to conserve paper. You also might want to view all the scene and inline notes you've written into the manuscript for your own purposes.

When you're preparing a manuscript to send to a publisher, agent, journal, etc. You'll want to follow the strict rules each of these "customers" may require, and you'll want to insure that extraneous notes-to-yourself don't appear.

InkByte for Word also makes it easy to use Word's Document Map feature to navigate through a book-length manuscript to immediately find particular chapters and scenes.

To begin using InkByte for Word. Open the file, InkByteForWord.doc, just as you would any other MS Word document, then immediately do menu File|Save As... to save a copy of the template under the name of the manuscript you're creating. Important: read the article referenced below before attempting to use the template.

InkByte for Word should work with any modern version of word, whether the computer is an Apple or one running Microsoft Windows. After downloading the following file, you should save it where it will be handy when you want to start a new manuscript.


The Ink Byte Article, The Silicon Amanuensis, Part 4: A Microsoft Word Template: Order From Chaos, contains instruction on the use of this template and should be read before trying to use the template.